Episode 79: Meghan Swanson, A Near Death Experience While Protesting

Meghan Swanson was protesting with Black Lives Matter when she nearly lost her life in a freak situation. She survived mostly unharmed physically. Now she is in a position to share why this cause so important to her.

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Escaping Death

Meghan Swanson set out for a day of peaceful protesting to be a part of the movement to lead to positive change for the black community. After hours of peaceful protesting a semi-tanker on a closed freeway nearly crashed into the crowd. Meghan was the individual that stood out most in the video that captured the scene. She had fallen down directly in front of the truck. In an unexpected event that lasted a matter of seconds, Meghan was able roll to the side as the truck swerved to a stop.

We each shared our opinions and perspectives throughout the conversation. One of the topics we covered was the methods police use and how they seem to so often escalate the situations. This all became very clear as the peaceful protests gave way to contested situations with law enforcement. Are there not better ways to handle these situations? Can we not be more creative?

I caught myself talking about bad people. But I’m not convinced there are bad people. It seems to me that people are often attached to what we might consider to be bad idea which leads to bad behavior. But are these really bad people?

We are living through some weird times right now. At least that’s how I see it. Meghan disagreed. She doesn’t looking at it that way because weird is the new normal.

Meghan had a powerful personal growth story about why she decided to learn sign language. Not everyone is capable of doing what we would expect them to do. And it’s an important lesson.