Podcast Transcripts


As this page evolves you will have access to more and more transcripts of episodes of the “People I Know Show” podcast.

Episode 82: Ryan Voz, Having Baseball Games with Crowds During the Pandemic

Episode 81: Ken Thunder & Rose Thunder, A COVID-19 Survival Story

Episode 80: Acoma Gaither, African American Historian & Activist

Episode 79: Meghan Swanson, A Near Death Experience While Protesting

Episode 78: Nick Hopping, Being A Comedian During A Pandemic

Episode 77: Dr. Tom Moorcroft, Lyme Disease Awareness & Prevention

Episode 76: Matt Bishop, The Heart Of The Fighter

Episode 75: Chandler Rose, When Baseball Is Canceled

Episode 74: Chuck Carstensen, Pivot, Progress, Prosper

Episode 73: Ryan Baron, School Superintendent During COVID-19

Episode 72: Bradley Schumacher, European Adventure & A New Normal

Episode 71: Meagan Nouis, The Bachelor Sweden

Episode 70: Tibor Majzik, A Hungarian In Denmark

Episode 69: Kiki Seit, Returning Home to Quarantine From Italy

Episode 68: Ro Leonard, Uncomfortability Breeds Comfortability

Episode 67: Mariah Schumacher, Finding Beauty, Love & Great Energy

Episode 66: Gene Healy, Inside A Fascinating Mind

Episode 65: Steven Brown, Remembering John Altobelli & Family

Episode 64: Dave Overlund, St. Cloud State Football Fiasco & Kobe Bryant

Episode 63: Alec Sewell, An Australian Perspective & The Australia Bushfires

Episode 62: Jackknife Finnegan, Have You Fallen Out of Love with Living?

Episode 61: Lee Bush, A Mother’s Hope

Episode 60: Mackenzie Sweeney, Being More Productive

Episode 59: Marlena Jordan-Childress, Enjoying Life & Being Happy

Episode 58: Drew Nicholas, Filmmaker of “Blood Memory”

Episode 57: Jim Ballidis, Refining Your Vision

Episode 56: Matt Schneider, City Dads Group & Stay-At-Home Dad

Episode 55: Lindsey Hadden, Walking Out On Mark Normand & Social Anxiety Disorder

Episode 54: Mark Normand, Pushing Comedic Boundaries

Episode 53: Melissa Carstensen, Living Healthier

Episode 52: Liatte Closs, Challenges Of Being A New Mother

Episode 51: Dr. Steven Soifer, Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis) & Better Public Restrooms

Episode 50: Mike Wagenheim, American Sportscaster Becomes Israeli Political Reporter

Episode 49: Phalin Oliver, A “Hueman Journey” To Identity

Episode 48: Bryan Piatt, Lessons From Being Vulnerable

Bonus Episode: Vulnerability & Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis)

Episode 47: Barbara Lee, The Illusion Of Having It All Together

Episode 46: Fillup Guiry, Bearded Empathetic Menacing Artist

Episode 45: Ryan Voz, Lessons & Stories From A Career In Baseball

Episode 44: Kim Ramirez, The Cambodian Bicycling Grandma

Episode 43: Chloe Carstensen, NYC Trip & A Changing Mind

Episode 42: Steve Berke, Marijuana & The International Church of Cannabis

Episode 41: The Phil Ferguson Show Appearance

Episode 40: Jim Ryan, An Unlikely Friendship

Episode 39: Elles Houweling, The Wandering Mermaid

Episode 38: Tom Jump, YouTube Philosopher Transforms His Life

Episode 37: Chase Carstensen, Spartan Race and 16th Birthday

Episode 36: Terry Henry, An American Indian Perspective From Canada

Episode 35: Ross Meisner, Lizard Brain, Free Will, Elon Musk and Tesla

Episode 34: Hodan Nur, Somali Woman’s Education

Episode 33: Sandi Poppen, Running With Purpose

Episode 32: Bryan Piatt, TV News Reporter and Mental Health Advocate

Episode 31: Cory Hollenhorst, Misconceptions of Down Syndrome

Episode 30: George Francis Kane, Freethought Toastmasters Founder

Episode 29: Jeremy Single, St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer Research

Episode 28: Anu Chudasama, The Universe, Cancer and Decisions

Episode 27: Acoma Gaither, History and Restorative Justice

Episode 26: Mikayla Torfin, Happy 18th Birthday to My Oldest Niece

Episode 25: PJ Sutlief, My Favorite Teacher From Browerville High School

Episode 24: Jackknife Finnegan, The Side Hustle

Episode 23: Natalia Cortes, Colombia Born Citizen of the World

Episode 22: Matt Jones, Alexandria Beetles Baseball Memories

Episode 21: John Hadden, “Utopia for Realists”

Episode 20: Terry Lee, From News Reporter to Political Candidate

Episode 19: Steph MacPhail, Meteorologist, Teacher, Human

Episode 18: Michelle Carstensen, Big Sister’s Biggest Challenges

Episode 17: Josh Torgeson, Keeping the Memory Alive

Episode 16: Gene Leppala, Liver Transplant and Alcoholism Survivor

Episode 15: From Improv to Magic with Matt Donnelly

Episode 14: An Introspective Conversation with Beth Benti

Episode 13: Stories in Sportscasting and Life with Ron Johnson

Episode 12: Overcoming Behavior Problems with Dave, Molly and Ethan Berg

Episode 11: Family History, DNA and More with Ryan Baron

Episode 10: Hypnotic Cruising and Much More with Brad Blaha

Bonus Episode: RIP Josh Torgeson

Episode 9: A Philosophical Conversation while “Driving with Josh” Torgeson

Episode 8: A Perspective from “Generation Z” with AJ Torfin

Episode 7: Opposing Viewpoints and Perspectives with Blessing Okon

Episode 6: Finance and Atheism with Phil Ferguson

Episode 5: Growing Up in Two Continents with Vina Chalice

Episode 4: Race, Religion and Sexual Orientation with John Hadden, Part 2

Episode 3: Race, Religion and Sexual Orientation with John Hadden, Part 1

Episode 2: Personal Growth with Big Brother Chuck Carstensen

Episode 1: The Adventures of Curt and George