Episode 72: Bradley Schumacher, European Adventure & A New Normal

Bradley and I recapped our trip to Europe and share stories about what life is like in a time that we aren’t supposed to leave home. We talk about the current obstacles of his job with UPS, his new side project, and why we both own a Toyota Prius.

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Strange Times

Just another strange event in the time of the coronavirus. After spending two weeks nearly inseparable while traveling in Europe just a few week prior, Bradley and I couldn’t safely be in the same space to record this podcast episode.

It wasn’t all bad. We were able to use the opportunity for me to try out StreamYard to have a live video podcast on Facebook. And because I could share my screen to him and the viewing audience, we were able to look at some photos from the trip and recall the memories associated with them. It gave the audience a new perspective into our travels and also allowed us capture some of our shared memories from the trip.

We also spoke about our new normal, with neither one of us leaving our homes very often. Bradley shared how his job with UPS is more challenging then ever, having to work from home and help clients get their packages shipped knowing that with few planes flying there is less cargo space for everyone.

Bradley and a long-time friend recently partnered to launch a website, mastersinpyschology.com. It’s a website designed to make your search for deciding which schools you should consider when looking to get a Master’s Degree in Pyschology.

Bradley’s first big influence on me was when I decided to buy my Toyota Prius in 2018. With his encouragement, I bought the car from the same dealership (Inver Grove Toyota) and same salesperson that he bought his.

It was a fun conversation and a great way to share some time together again in the days of COVID-19.