Episode 74: Chuck Carstensen, Pivot, Progress, Prosper

Chuck and I discussed what he means by “Pivot, Progress, Prosper” and especially why its important during COVID-19. Plus, Chuck has funny stories about his first time skiing and accidentally getting “trapped” in the women’s bathroom of a casino. And I learned some lessons from cutting my own hair.

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Pivot, Progress, Prosper

My big brother Chuck Carstensen has had to do plenty of pivoting lately with his real estate business, The Carstensen Team – RE/MAX Results. Like most businesses, the real estate industry has changed a lot with so much uncertainty during the pandemic and most people staying home. More than ever he is determining who is a “tire kicker” (someone that is not an immediate serious buyer) and who is serious about buying a home soon. For this he makes sure someone is pre-qualified by a mortgage lender before showing them a home. Realtors and home-owners alike do not have much interest or tolerance for people casually going out and searching for homes right now.

Chuck and his team have in a way been preparing for these times for a few years. They have been shooting videos of the properties they have listed long before the pandemic so the transition to doing even more of that was quite easy.

This conversation was not only about real estate. I explain how producing live video podcasts has been a pivot for me because of the pandemic. Our family has pivoted to having a weekly Zoom call to continue our personal growth using some of the materials we’ve previously worked on with Michael Bernoff at the Core Strength Experience. And we have even been getting on a daily Zoom exercise call to encourage each other to have strong daily exercise habits.

We had a lot of fun during this conversation as well. Chuck told the story of his first time skiing, which happened recently.

Chuck thinks I look like a bad ass with my new haircut.

Chuck found himself in quite the predicament while going to the bathroom at Grand Casino Hinckley a few years ago.

We were mostly serious though. Chuck shared how he’s been writing devotionals for awhile and how important it is to be prepared.