Episode 75: Chandler Rose, When Baseball Is Canceled

Chandler and I discussed what it was like for him to break the news to his college baseball team that the season would be canceled. Plus he explains how this affected players’ eligibility, the MLB draft, and recruiting. Chandler and I met with the Alexandria Beetles in 2006. He is now 10 years cancer free.

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Breaking the News

We are all living through the effects the COVID-19 pandemic. We can explain how our individual lives have shifted or have been upended. But imagine all of the ways others lives have changed. There are countless stories, of course. One of the stories I’m drawn to involves sports. Imagine, weeks have passed with no live sporting events on TV and no stadiums filled with people.

What was it like to be a part of a team whose season abruptly ended? And how does that impact the future for the individuals involved? Chandler Rose has been the head baseball coach at the University of Montevallo in Alabama for 10 years. He described having the conversation with his team that the season was going to over to be the most difficult thing he’s had to do as a coach.

In the conversation we talked about what happens now with the players’ eligibility, recruiting and the MLB draft.

Chandler shared some memories of the season we were together, he as assistant coach and I as broadcaster, with the Alexandria Beetles of the Northwoods League.

Chandler has now been cancer free for 10 years and shared what he learned in the personal growth segment.