Episode 76: Matt Bishop, The Heart Of The Fighter

Matt Bishop has been through more in eight years than most people will go through in 80 years. Matt’s personal growth story involves surviving cancer twice, a bone marrow transplant, a coma, and withstanding dialysis everyday and severe back pain. Each day brings its challenges. He shared his story with me and why it has inspired him to write a book.

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The Fighter

Imagine getting diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphona at age 23 and going through the hospital stays and treatments to become cancer free and get your life back. Then imagine the cancer coming back just a couple years later and going through an even more extreme routine of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Then, to help make sure that the cancer doesn’t return a third time, getting a bone marrow transplant.

That’s Matt Bishop’s story, but only part of it. Since that time he’s been in a serious car crash and a coma and is on dialysis daily for kidney failure.

But he is still fighting and getting stronger again. And he is writing a book called “The Heart of the Fighter” to capture his story and to inspire others. I’m fortunate to know him from our days working in sports and sports broadcasting following our years at St. Cloud State University and KVSC. And I’m fortunate that he was willing to share his story on my podcast.

Through all of his health challenges Matt met Katie, the woman he married. After having to postpone their wedding initially, they were married in 2018. A year later, on their first anniversary, Matt awoke from his coma long enough to take a photo, but not remember it happening.

Matt is still fighting and had these words of encouragement during the “Personal Growth” segment.