Episode 77: Dr. Tom Moorcroft, Lyme Disease Awareness & Prevention

I had Lyme. Dr. Tom had Lyme. You likely are at risk of getting Lyme Disease as well if you are not aware or careful. Dr. Tom and I covered a variety of topics on Lyme Disease and some other more general health topics in this educational podcast conversation.

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My Lyme Disease Story

Let my mistakes and obliviousness serve as a warning for you. Anyone can get Lyme Disease. Be aware of the possibility and you are more likely to prevent it or at least you will recognize it quickly.

I was lucky! Because I was oblivious. On my fifth day of symptoms I finally noticed that I had red splotches on my skin and then noticed the huge bull’s-eye rash on my back. How long was it there? How had I not noticed this earlier? I will never know. Fortunately the urgent care doctor diagnosed me with Lyme and started my antibiotics treatment immediately. Within days the red spots and rashes were gone. After two weeks I was off antibiotics and have since felt as if I have fully recovered and am cured.

I had a lot of questions about Lyme even after the fact. That’s why I was fortunate to have met Dr. Tom Moorcroft of Origins of Health. I had been diagnosed but my doctors never did any blood work to confirm what seemed to be an obvious diagnosis. Dr. Tom convinced me that they didn’t need to. The erythema migrans rash (the bull’s-eye) was enough to confirm the diagnosis.

Dr. Tom joined me for this podcast episode as a medical expert. Not only does he often treat people that are suffering from Lyme Disease, but he also battled the disease for many years.

It was a very educational conversation. I didn’t realize how mice were such a big vector for spreading Lyme Disease. I had thought it was mostly just deer. Dr. Tom also used the term “the edge” to describe the area where people and wildlife share that is a common location for the the spread of the disease.

Not everywhere in the United States is a hot bed for Lyme, but the areas that are risky continue to grow. I’m in the Midwest in Minnesota. It seems to be getting worse every year here. Dr. Tom is in the Northeast in Connecticut, where it is common. And also the Middle-Atlantic states tend to have high numbers of cases.

In the conversation we also explored what symptoms someone might have if they have contracted Lyme Disease, a long time has passed, and they don’t yet realize they are afflicted. Is this you?

I’ve felt that I am cured of Lyme Disease. Many people have questioned that when I’ve told them. They didn’t think it was curable. Dr. Tom has pondered the same thing about his own case, and has come to the conclusion that he can consider himself cured as well.

Check out the full episode. In addition to all of the Lyme Disease talk, Dr. Tom gave some great general health and wellness advise that we all can use.