Episode 70: Tibor Majzik, A Hungarian in Denmark

Tibor and I reunited in his adopted home of Denmark in February 2020. We first met in Australia in February 2018 while on a tour of the Great Barrier Reef. Tibor is originally from Hungary and helped me better understand how life in Denmark is different than some parts of Europe and much different than the United States.

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A Glimpse of Denmark

If Tibor didn’t live in Denmark I would not have visited there. It’s that simple. It’s not that I had anything against Denmark, I just had no specific motivation to go there. Now, having been to Aarhus, the second largest city, and the surrounding area, I think I need to get back and explore Copenhagen and other areas.

My impression of Denmark is that its clean and quiet. Aarhus is a large city, with a population above 300,000. The biggest observation Tibor shared is that the people of Denmark are happy. Read that article for more details if you would like. You’ll see that Denmark was recently rated as the country with the second happiest people. Finland is number one. Aarhus was rated as the world’s second happiest city (with Helsinki, Finland number one). No wonder I enjoyed my time there so much! It seems that happy people create a pleasant and enjoyable city. Or a pleasant and enjoyable city helps people be happy. More likely its a positive cycle of happiness.

Tibor welcomed my friend Brad and I into the home of he and his wife Yuki. We stayed there two nights and they served us delicious dinners with cheesecake, wine, and beer. Tibor made for us some Hungarian goulash the first night. The following night Yuki, who is Japanese, presented us with a glorious platter of sushi.

Aarhus, Denmark has stunning art at the ARoS Art Museum.

And it has a museum where you can experience different Danish time periods, which is called Den Gamble By.

Plus, visit a sites like Kalo Castle to get and Mols Bjerge National Park to get a glimpse of history and nature.