Episode 2: Personal Growth with Big Brother Chuck Carstensen

Chuck Carstensen is my only brother and my oldest sibling. Throughout my childhood he was my biggest influence. And while I don’t see him or talk to him as regularly as I once did, his presence in my life continues to inspire me.

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What Inspires Me

There were many inspirations that led me to start my “People I Know Show” podcast. I had changed a lot as a person. Episode 1 guest George Sirbasku took me on adventures that changed me in many ways and made me adventurous. But the person closest to me that demonstrated how to tell others about how I have changed is my brother Chuck Carstensen. He has been focusing on personal growth for a very long time. And some of what he had been doing, I took on, and it’s helped me greatly.

One of the most impactful things I have ever done has been to get involved with the trainings of Michael Bernoff. Chuck and my sister Michelle were the first in my family to do so. At this point, almost everyone in my immediate family has gotten involved. In a nutshell, if you work with Michael Bernoff, you’ll finally start making the most out of your life. You’ll start doing the things that you feel like you should do but haven’t found a way to do.

From Michael Bernoff’s “Call To Action” I almost immediately got involved with Toastmasters. I put myself in position to give speeches in front of a group that will help me improve my skills and allow me to possibly make an impact on others. There are Toastmasters groups meeting regularly in cities all over the world and likely near you. Find one and drop by for a meeting to see what you think.

One of the first speeches I gave that I posted online. If not for the confidence I gained from working with Michael Bernoff, I might not have ever been confident enough to post this and many other things.

In addition to the impact Michael Bernoff and Toastmasters has had on us, Chuck and I discuss our upbringing on the farm and some of our travel experience together. Plus Chuck explains how he was wrong about judging people.